Chet Baker & Jack Sheldon – In Perfect Harmony/ The Lost Album


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Format: LP

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Erscheint exklusiv zum RSD 2024! Zum ersten Mal auf Vinyl! 180gr Pressung im Klappcover, nummeriert! NEVER BEFORE RELEASED 1972 CAPITOL STUDIO SESSION! „One day during the summer of 1972, Jack Sheldon had an idea, “Just think Chetie, if we do an album together” Chet liked the idea, but was still hesitant. To make him comfortable, the Jacks did what they did best – get great musicians together. They surrounded Chet with friends like Dave Frishberg on piano, Joe Mondragon on bass, Nick Ceroli on drums, and my dad on guitar. Since it would be Chet’s first recording since the fight in 1966, they wanted to keep it low key and chose United Audio as the recording studio. The sessions went well and, when they finished mixing, Dad took the tapes to LA to shop them. He had several record labels interested but, on September 20, 1973, he died suddenly of a heart attack. The tapes got packed away in our garage on Lido and were never released. Until now. After 50 years in storage, we can finally enjoy and celebrate this long, lost gem of an album.“ (Jazz Detective/ 2024)