Drain – Living Proof


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Format: LP


Das zweite Album der Band aus Santa Cruz. Crossover Trash Oldschool Hardcore mit viel Melodie und Spass!
Sie covern auch „Good good things“ von den DESCENDENTS und beweisen damit ihren guten Geschmack. Das hier sagt das Label selbst: Living Proof is the band“s Epitaph Records debut and follow up to their 2020 breakout release, California Cursed. The new album is a testament to the hard work and heartfelt ethos that“s at the center of DRAIN“s good-time psyche. There are a couple surprises on the album. Rapper Shakewell appears on the track, „Intermission“. There“s also a cover of „Good, Good Things,“ a nearly four-decade old melodic punk carol by the Descendents: slam-pit forebearers to DRAIN if there ever were any. „It“s crazy because the song“s been out like forty years, but lyrically it“s a DRAIN song!“ exclaims vocalist Sam Ciaramitaro. „It just hits on everything that I love, that I“m about.“ What Sammy“s about is plenty wholesome. „I hope with this record that when someone hears it, it gives them hope,“ beams. „If we were able to get through the tough times, anyone can. I can“t wait to play these songs and hear a room full of people singing back to us. We“re what the title says, the Living Proof.“ Produced by longtime friend and multi-instrumentalist Taylor Young (God“s Hate, Suicide Silence), then mixed by John Markson (Drug Church, Koyo), this is hardcore for everybody. „As the band gets bigger, I try and keep that feeling alive,“ says the smiling singer. „Every night I set up the merch and run it until it“s time to play. I want to be the guy that everyone says hello to. I want to thank every single kid that comes out for being there.“

Klappcover und limitiertes farbiges Vinyl solange der Vorrat reicht! (Epitaph/ 2023)