Gang Green – Another Case Of Brewtality


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Format: LP
GREEN vinyl


First time ever on viny! Edited down to 19 tracks (compared with 23-track original CD version), butplus single tracks „I Fear“ and „Outta This Place“. Boston’s snottiest metal-core practitioners return with an economical album packing plenty of fluid guitar punch. TRACKLISTING: 01. EVICTION PARTY 02. WASH THE BLOOD 03. BREAK THE BOTTLE 04. HOLE IN THE ROAD 05. DEATH OF THE PARTY 06. I MISSED IT 07. BEACH WHISTLE 08. DON’T YOU KNOW 09. TRICKED INTO BED AGAIN 10. DENIED 11. THIS JOB SUCKS 12. OUT ON THE COUCH 13. WEEKEND MILLIONAIRE 14. I’LL WORRY ABOUT IT MONDAY 15. SAY GOOD BUY 16. 6000 CRUCIFIED SLAVES 17. SUSPECT DEVICE 18. PENALTY BOX 19. TO THE POINT 20. I FEAR 21. OUTTA THIS PLACE (TAANG!/ 2021)