Kula Shaker – Natural Magick


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Format: LP


KULA SHAKER“s new album „Natural Magick“ finds the band harnessing the power to cast their most potent spell yet, incorporating blazing psychedelic sermons, raga rave-ups, stardust-coated pop pearls and mood-enhancing mantras. „This chapter in the band“s life is very much driven by live energy and that spiritual connection with the audiences which comes with it. We all agreed that the songs should be no longer than three minutes. There are no epics.“ (says Crispian) Reformed permanently in 2021 due to the return of keyboard wizard Jay Darlington, reuniting all four members of the band“s classic line-up for the first time since 1999.The band became UK chart-toppers with 1996″s debut album „K“ and „99“s follow-up „Peasants Pigs & Astronauts“ saw them push the creative envelope prior to their premature dissolution. Having made a welcome return in 2007 with the self-funded „Strangefolk“, Kula Shaker have built towards the sonic summit. Beautiful Artwork!
(Strange F.O.L.K./ 2024)