Neil Young – A Letter Home


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Format: 2xLP+7×6″+CD+DVD


What a box!! This limited edition box set includes: 1 standard 12″ LP, 1 „direct feed from the booth“ audiophile 12″ LP, seven 6″ clear vinyl discs, 1 standard CD, 1 DVD, 1 32-page, 12″ x 12″ book, and a download card to redeem the digital album of the „direct feed from the booth“ audiophile version. The DVD captures the original electro-mechanical process, along with comments from the producers and recording engineers. This release comes in a genuine and authentic hand-made packaging, meaning that no two copies are exactly the same. Additionally, each release can have a different picture attached to the sleeve with packing tape along with a hand-written name and title… very nice! (Reprise – Third Man Records/ 2014)