Origamibiro – Collection


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Format: 4xLP


Dicke Box aus dickem Karton, schwarze Innenhüllen und schweres 180gr vinyl – gewohnte Denovali Qualität! Die ganze Box ist limitiert auf 200 Exemplare… Enthalten sind die drei Alben
Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks, Shakkei und Shakkei Remixed.
Origamibiro is a collaborative project consisting of three core members: musician, soundtrack composer and producer Tom Hill, visual artist and filmmaker The Joy Of Box, and multi-instrumentalist Andy Tytherleigh. Originally started as a solo project for Tom, Origamibiro has since evolved into an audio-visual collective, producing studio music, art objects, interactive installations and hauntingly original live audio-visual performances. Origamibiro like to create work with an array of unorthodox processes and contraptions, found objects, video feeds and multi instrumentalism. Their aim is to create works of texture, lyricism and intensity.
Previous to Origamibiro, Tom Hill had been working with electronica and found-sound sampling through projects such as Wauvenfold and Penfold Plum. Origamibiro’s first release, ‚Cracked Mirrors and Stopped Clocks‘ saw a radical return to Tom’s classical and electric guitar roots. Performed and produced entirely by Tom, ‚Cracked Mirrors‘ also involved sampling additional atmospheric elements: the creak of his chair, the sound of his breath, the squeak of the wood in his guitar. The result is both intimate and melodic, tangible and atmospheric….
(Denovali/ 2014)