The Wedding Present – 24 Songs


Lieferzeit: 2-5 Werktage nach Zahlungseingang

Format: 3xLP & DVD


Geile Band – Dickes Gerät!
3LP with Bonus DVD.

Hype sticker applied to the shrink-wrap. Also barcode and „EMI North“ sticker.
There is an outer O-ring type slipcase in muted brutalist grey.
Within is a full colour box. Both have text to one spine only.
Within the box are the three LPs which are each in a paper sleeve of differing colours and have no text.
The digital discs are each in a side opening card sleeve. They each have artwork on one side and they configure to show a section of the main sleeve art. The three sleeves are stored in a 12″ square card with three half-pockets.
There is a 12″ square insert showing a montage of the original singles artwork on one side and with credits on the reverse.
Some copies may come with two of these inserts.
Some copies may come with a branded compliments postcard.
All card and paper components have a matte finish… (Clue Records/ 2023)