Tiger Lou – Acts (Limited)


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Format: 2xLP


It´s a good album – but it´s a grower!
10 new songs with Tiger Lou. You will instantly hear that it´s Tiger Lou on Rasmus Kellerman vocals, the driven drums of Pontus Levahn and the charismatic typical Tiger Lou electric guitars. Tiger Lou fans, you get what you want! Acts is the fifth (and sixth) album by Tiger Lou. It is an honest and beautiful amalgamation of 20+ years of musical exploits, mainly recorded in Kellerman“s home, with additional recordings at Atlantis Studios by Niklas Lindström and Matching Heads by Rolf Klinth. Both records were mixed by Sean Beavan (Nine Inch Nails, Guns N“ Roses, Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode) at The Grey Room. Guitarist Mathias Johanson left the band some years ago, Erik Welen was busy with school, so Kellerman and Levahn went at it alone but together. Since „The Wound Dresser“ Pontus has recorded with his wife Nina Kinert, played with Mattias Alkberg, gone on comeback tours with 90″s indie rockers Starmarket and maybe most importantly giving life to and recorded three albums with his metal band Horndal. Rasmus found Love and keeps busy wrestling his kids while writing new music… (Startracks/ 2023)